Fall 2014, First Meeting

Location: Hunter North 1022

2014/09/17, 13:00 to 15:00 - ACM @ Hunter e-board

The first meeting of the fall 2014 semester of the ACM @ Hunter College will be Wednesday, September 17 at 1PM in Hunter North 1022. Stop by, meet the e-board and other members, and become a part of the ACM @ Hunter in the fall semester!


Computer Science Club, We are here to mentor. Talked about Hunter BA, explained that it's more theory than practicality.

Talked about different subjects and how we can mentor each group (web development, game design, game develop, app development, software development)

Explained big events:

  1. Women in Tech (October 15, 2014) Co sponsored by Comp Sci and Women and Gender studies department
    Explore ways to increase the number of women in CS and the tech field in general
    The panel will consist of Aurelia Moser from Girls Develop It NYC, and will be moderated by Sumana Harihareswara of the Wikimedia Foundation; also joining the panel is Prof. Sakas and a WGS Rep.
  2. Early November, Real World Employment in the tech field (undecided date)
  3. Joint event with the HFGA, Huge Blowout video game party (LAN Party). End of Semester, undecided date atm.

Comp Science department this semester does not have student tutoring (budget issues). Alsonel has paid tutoring spots available left for those interested. Perhaps can ask other members, will most likely be paid tutoring so be forewarned.

ACM activities are not things you have to pay for. Paying ACM at Hunter will only be necessary if we need club dues in order to stay as a college chapter of the national organization.

In order to remain an active member, participate. If you don't show up to majority of meetings you will be removed. Show up, let us know you are here, talk, ask questions, give answers, help other people to participate in this club as a club. That is all you need to do. ACM membership on acm.org, $19.99 a year, so many benefits (Programs, Newsletters, ex: Dreamspark (Discounted or free Microsoft products for Computer Science)

Prospective Event in Spring Semester (Trip to Google Headquarters, plan for April, not confirmed, needs to be planned)

Ask us for anything, tell us about ideas you may have for events at the ACM, criticize us about anything (IF we need to do anything more in our talks or events, if you want to see anything more from our website, any projects, if possible, etc)

We answered students questions. We talked a lot about what type of electives are practical (AI, Machine Learning, Microprocessing, etc)

Introduced ourselves.